I. Jenkins—Convergence culture

a. CH. 1: Spoiling Survivor

i. Convergence: joining of technologies to combine and spread information

ii. Crowd-sourcing: Data from a crowd used to create an algorithm to predict what people are searching online ex: Google

iii. Collective Intelligence: Ability of virtual communities to leverage combined expertise of many

1. Levy believes this allows us to enact democracy

2. Wikipedia

iv. Spoilers: About a game and academic pursuits. Largely harmless, relate to fantasy football. How can groups like spoilers cause harm?

b. Ch. 2: American Idol

i. Affective economics: Trying to condition consumers, make them loyal by creating emotional ties to the program

ii. Vertical Integration: When advertisers integrate ads into all parts of the media ex: American Idol—judges drink from Coke cups and audience dances around Ford vehicles.

II. Writing for the Internet

a. It takes users longer to read on a screen than it does on paper

b. Academic writing

i. Limited circulation

ii. Specific styles for the discipline (MLA)

iii. Linear structure

iv. Deliberate citations for depth

c. Web writing

i. Broad circulation

1. Memes, general diction used

ii. Clarity and brevity privileged

1. 25% slower on screen

2. Low scroll tolerance

iii. Hyperlinking for depth

1. Nodes, new pages, layering

iv. Scanability

1. Z pattern with eyes

v. Chunking

1. Break info into digestible segments

2. No indentations

3. No transitional phrases or topic sentences

4. Bullets and lists

5. Always left aligned

6. Includes paragraphing

vi. Keywords

1. Allows writing to be indexed

2. Use underline/bold/italics sparingly and consistently

3. Promote scanability

4. Can be hyperlinked

vii. Hyperlinks and references

1. Allows checking sources, definitions—credibility

2. Break linearity

3. If you can’t hyperlink, cite

viii. Usability

1. Embed video when useful

2. Can use vulgarities and/or informal words if it matches use of the text you’re writing

3. Rules are breakable but there should be reason for breaking them and is not done right could cause you to lose audience and usefulness