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This source is an article about cyber gender, and discusses the potential the Internet offers in terms of gender. The article mentions how the Internet allows people to experience other genders, while also providing them the opportunity to express aspects of their personlity they otherwise would not feel comfortable doing.

Intended AudienceEdit

The intended audience is people interested in cyberspace and the role anonymity can play within the virtual world. The intended audience cares about the correlation between anonymity and cyber gender.

Themes of Cybercultures and CyberspaceEdit

The source exhibits one of the coolest aspects of the Internet, the capacity to do and be almost anything. The article explains how the Internet affords people the opportunity to be who they want to be while living out fantasies they would otherwise never be able to do.

Why This Was ChosenEdit

I chose this source because we did not devote much time to cyber gender in class. Also, I think it works on multiple levels within our discussion of cyberspace. Especially with our recent viewing of Catfish.