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ABC Film - Cyberbully

Intended AudienceEdit

Anyone familiar with modern technology and computer social networking pages. Mainly teenaged individuals going through high school and experiencing peer pressure, evolving social relationships, and bullying via the Internet.

Themes of Cybercultures and CyberspaceEdit

It demonstrates how technology has advanced and have been used for communication in modern day settings. It also addresses cyberbulling, one of the main topics we started covering in class. It addresses the privacy of online users. Flaming and the use of avatars/internet identities is one of the current examples given. It also demonstrates how relient we are on technology and shows the roles it plays in our society.

Why This Was ChosenEdit

I chose to share this film I found on Netflix because it fits perfectly into our current talk about cyberbullying, chatrooms, and online identities. It is a somewhat corny, high school portrayal of highschool bullying and the use of technology. I found it accurate in the ways that the girls were always communicating via phone or this network site. The network site built a community and demonstrated how people acted over the Internet in comparision to their real life personallities. It was a fun quirky film that let us think about our days in high school and let us relate back to some of these experiences that the girls had.