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Cyborg - An individual that is both biologically human but also has artificial technological parts. Examples may include: Terminator, Robocop, and Halo. The idea of cyborgs gained popularity through science fiction before the years of World War II. The first cyborgs were brought out from novels and were known to be superheroes.

Haraway expands this idea of purely physical cyborgs to include virtually all humans who rely on technology for survival (or at least a life which even remotely resembles the one they currently live). Haraway theorizes that we as humans are cyborgs as we are tied to our phones, computers, internet, medical technologies, et cetera. Today we are reliant on technology and are therefore cyborgs. Haraway emphasizes that, as cyborgs, we are handed technology engrained with intentions. She argues that it is our responsibility as cyborgs to re-direct the telos of the technology. The result of such technological mutiny might have unintended consequences.

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