Unclesam democracy


Democracy and the Internet: Will the Internet Foster Democracy

Intended AudienceEdit

This PDF is intended to reach anyone interested in utopic/democratic thought and/or the debate surrounding the democratic potentials that cyberspace does/does not have.

Themes of Cybercultures and CyberspaceEdit

This PDF explores two controversial stances on the Internet’s impact on democracy: utopian views and dystopian views. This PDF explores multiple arguments for and against the claim that cyberspace is a utopia fostering democracy.

Why This Was ChosenEdit

I chose this source to share because it addresses one of the most pertinent questions we discussed as a class: is cyberspace a utopia fostering democracy? Both sides of the debate are presented so that it is easy to formulate an opinion and support it with logical ideas. As a result, I think this site is a good resource that may be helpful on the final exam.

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