Extra Credits on Penny Arcade

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Intended Audience:

The intended audience for Extra Credits is the video gaming community. They use language and references that are easiest to understand from an extended background in video games, but it is by no means a necessary pre-requisite to view and enjoy this web series.

Relation to Cyberculture:

This source discusses gaming, which with online multiplayer falls under the description of cyberculture. The show itself actually acts as a practice in participatory entertainment on the Internet. The topics for discussion on the weekly shows are supplied by viewer questions and comments.


The themes that Extra Credits demonstrates are interactivity and convergence. The show can help explain a number of ideas that can supplement the class discussion. (Some good episodes include The Future of MMO's, Propaganda Games, Sharing Our Medium, and Piracy)

Why I Chose This Source:

I chose to share this source because not only do I find it very entertaining (I have watched every episode since the first season and check for updates daily) but the show touches on many points of discussion that we have had in class. Certain videos have even been used for in class activities. Even if you're not a "hardcore gamer" I highly recommend this series.