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Gizmodo is a website that is devoted to keeping up will all the new newest technology and gadget news. You can find all sorts of reviews of products on this site such as reviews about video games, gaming consoles, or cameras. Also, on this website there are articles on any of the newest news that involves technology in any ways. For example, right now there are articles about privacy on the internet, new rumours about BlackBerry, and some news about Apple as well. The website also has entertaining videos and stories to read just for fun.

Intended AudienceEdit

The intended audience of this website is people who are very interested in technology. People that might visit this website might go here to find reviews on some new product that they are considering purchasing, or someone who wants to keep up with current events about technology. People might also come to this website if they don't have a very broad knowledge of technology and maybe they are wanting to increase their knowledge.

Themes of Cybercultures and CyberspaceEdit

This source talks about a lot of the things that we have discussed in class. Just on the main page of the website, for example, I found a link to an article that talks about Hawaii wanting to keep track of all the websites that you visit. This applies directly to a discussion and reading we had earlier that talked about companies using cookies to track your internet usage to find out more about you. Also, this website in general covers many of the topics we have talked about in class such as social networking websites and advances in technology.

Why This Was ChosenEdit

I chose to include this in the wiki for the class to enjoy because this website covers many of the topics we are discussing in class. The website covers many stories, including those about online privacy and hacktivists. Also, the class is about technology, so people that take this class probably are interested in technology some, so they might find this website a fun place to browse in their free time.

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