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Making Critical Information More Accessible in Times of Disaster

Source and Intended AudienceEdit

Google Crisis Repsonse is a branch of Google that uses it's widespread accesibility and technology to help those affected by a crisis. is the philanthropic arm of the google empire, utlizing its expansive reach in cyberspace and it's unparalled real image mapping to help in crisis rescue efforts.

The Crises Response site measures the severity and scope a disaster and appropriates tools and content to help with the immediate and residual effects of a crisis. Some of the tools that they utilize to assist in rescue efforts are the Google Person Finder, Google Resource Finder as well as Google Maps. Google is not only attempting to help the victims and survivors locate loved ones, but it also is helping out rescue missions and humanitarian organizations by publishing where those organizations are located and what kind of aid they are giving. This not only helps immediate persons affected by the crisis but it also provides vital information for the general public and people invested in the effort. The global reach of google allows for the mutual sharing and posting of information directed towards helping the relief effort. Google Crisis Response has been involved in numerous natural disaster such as the Turkey, New Zealand and Haitian Earthquakes as wells as the Japanese Tsunami and the floods in Thialand. Response Efforts

Themes of Cybercultures and CyberspaceEdit

The Google Crisis Response organization demonstrates the important cyberspace idea of Collective Intelligence. Google Crisis Response utilizes its power as a search engine to compile resources that will be widely seen and used. This idea of a global village, pooling resources to help others, is at play here. Google takes the important fundamentals of a rescue effort and makes them visable and accessible to cyberspace as a whole. This enables and promotes involvement from people all over the world, changing the response to a natural disaster or humanitarian crisis.

Why This Was ChosenEdit

I feel this is an important tool in helping us stay involved and connected when these crises occur. The Google Crisis Response organization allows viewers to not only see the extent of the damage through google images, but it also allows for real time information to be accessible, one of the key features of collective knowledge. Many times, when natural disasters occur people feel helpless and unattached to the situation. However, Google Crisis Repsonse allows access to information that normally wouldn't been seen or understood. This resource can help people who know people involved in a crisis as well as others looking for ways to help. Realizing this resource is availble is important for when the next crisis occurs.

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