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Imgur (pronounced "image-er") is, to put it in their terms "the simple image sharer".


2. Users of and other various browsers who enjoy looking at funny pictures, hosting pictures, and budding internet memes.

3. This resource displays the more hilarious side of the internet. It allows users to seamlessly host photos on the internet. This resource allows users to view funny images posted by others, then in turn they can rate the image and create their own comments in order to make it to the "front page" of This page shows just what kind of things people like on the internet: funny things, dogs, but mostly cats. People love cats. The internet loves cats. It helps to promote budding memes and make the world a better place.

4. I decided to share this source because it allows for a viewer to get the best of without actually ever having viewed the site. The best posts from reddit are photos here and then they are upvoted, it is essentially a summarization of Also there are hilarious, beautiful and intriguing photos on this site.

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