Thoughts to ConsiderEdit

Is there a utopic space in Cyberspace?

Is feminine heroism present online? (perhaps in the power of consumerism?)

Can you be whomever you want to be in cyberspace? Is gender lost?

Convergence Culture TerminologyEdit

Convvergence Culture can be defined as a jumping between medias to promote messages and share ideas (there are two levels of entertainment that Jenkins defines: television and internet)

Crowd Sourcing can be defined as taking data from crowds to create algorithms to anticipate your wants or desires

Collective Intelligence can be defined as what we all know, together ; the sum of a group's knowledge

Vertical Integration can be defined as the integration of advertising at all levels of the media

Affective Economics can be defined as the creation of product loyalty throught conditioned emotional ties to a product

How to Write for the InternetEdit

We process Internet writing more slowly.

Internet writing involves broad circulation (memes and general diction are a must).

Clarity and brevity are preferred (people have a low scroll tolerance and read 25% slower on the computer than print).

Hyperlinking adds depth to writing.

Scanability is emphasized. People read in a "Z" pattern.

Chunk information - real paragraphs are not necessary, and topic sentences are not required

Keywords should be put in bold and / or italicized, or may be hyperlinks.

Always consider usability (informal words are okay)

Good resources for Internet Style Guides:

The Yahoo! Style Guide (for Digital Writing)
MIT Writing for the Web Guide