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Jessie Daniels

Sociology, PhD

Extensive research on print-based white supremacy writing

Cyber racism

Cyber activism


White supremacy


Translocal whiteness

· Notion of whiteness with roots in a locality (i.e. the US), but this notion moves across borders of time space and nation

White racial frame


· Electronic networks that connect people and info through computers and other devices allowing person to person communication and information retrieval


· Both a material cultural process that moves money, people, ideas, media, and goods “across time, space, and national boundaries”

Actual vs. potential harm

Active vs. passive participants


Cyberactivism- proliferation of social movement organizations that avail themselves of the internet technologies to further their goals which often include promoting a more inclusive democratic society (46)

More than just “official” social movements

· White supremacy as an epistemology and a sociological frame

Epistemology- study of issues having to do with creation and dissemination of knowledge in particular areas of inquiry

Reduction of gatekeepers- anyone can create evidence

White supremacy is an epistemology

It is the belief in the racial hierarchy where “white” is the dominant racial identity

Born our of a perceived biological, national, social, and or ideological affiliations

Therefore- what is whiteness?


· Unmarked racial identity or belief in an unmarked racial identity

· Privileged racialized class in the US built around historical, economic, and ideological motivations

· Race is constructed socially, politically, and ideologically to secure and maintain capitalism; the dominant mode of this stratification

· Operation from somewhere on a spectrum of consciousness that doesn’t perceive one’s own socially constructed racialized identity and or privilege

Whiteness and white supremacy are not identical

Whiteness allows for certain epistemologies of white supremacy to go unchecked

Whiteness studies are not how whites are bad- study of how power circulates through the practice of racialization

Daniels argument

· Not so much of an issue of recruitment but circulation of an epistemology of white supremacy and translocal whiteness

Richard Machado

· 1996 UC Irvine

· US vs. Machado 1998

o Sends death note to 59 Asian students

o He got no reply so he sent it again

· Orange County Stats

o Latino 7.9

o Asian 29.8

· Latino- but is acting with white supremacy epistemology

o Boundaries of whiteness are very flexible

o Not only skin type, but performance of racial identity

Openly white supremacy group

Relies on heteronormative masculinity

Controlling sexuality via

· Heteronormative masculinity- normative expressions for make heterosexuality

· Control of women’s sexual identity

o Contradictions of female stormfront members

o Liberal feminism and male domination

Cloaked Websites- uses deception

· Martin Luther King .org- racist site

· undermining policies

· Hurricane Katrina- donations to only white victims

· Authorship isn’t clear

· Most young people turn to search engines

· Manipulates