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Discussion Questions

Is the Heavenly City possible? -no, but always an end goal or aspiration

Are masculine video gamers the reason why men are so heavily invested in technology, male archetypes? -male history in military, male action heroes

Nomads, but always in touch? true statement? -never alone online commenting on threads: is it productive and helping to form communities or not?

Multiple Disciplines invested in cyberspace? - psychological development - economics, profitability - medicine, Web MD, New England Journal of Medicine

Jenkins Reading*Convergence- collide of new and old media, big and small media, producer/consumer interactions, coming together of culture, technology, people, jumping across spaces, multiple sources usually same content

  • Crowd-Sourcing- algorithm that predicts what you’re going to want to search/buy
  • Collective intelligence- working together for the common good. Pushes past the barriers of one person’s abilities. Enact democracy. Spoiler community.
    • Survivor: potential for collective intelligence
    • is it democratic?
      • it has rules on the forum, people get mad at ChillOne
      • everyone has the right to do what they want in their free time, some people choose to spoil Survivor
      • motivation: love researching, academic fulfillment, endeavor, need for competition
      • bad example of collective intelligence: stock market insider trading. we don’t have standards for conduct online yet.
  • American Idol Chapter
    • Affective economics- play with emotions, condition product loyalty.
    • vertical integration- when advertisers group things according to the show, integrating the advertisements. commercials aren’t appealing anymore so they have to go inside the show to attract consumers or affect them subconsciously
    • Interactivity, Active participation- you can control somewhat the vote by voting more than once

Writing for the Internet *People process slower and differently on the Web

  • Audiences: academic vs web-based
    • ACADEMIC~ limited circulation- technical and expert diction
    • stylistic conventions specific to discipline
    • obtuse/passive can be accepted
    • deliberate nuanced linear structure
    • depth achieved in writing

**WEB-BASED- broad circulation, memes, general diction/hyperlinks, clarity and brevity privileged

    • low scroll tolerance online
    • create nodes
    • scanability (Z pattern)
  • Rule #1- Chunking, everything in alignment
  • Rule #2- Using keywords with bold. use sparingly
  • Rule #3- readers can get more depth with hyperlinks or references, use Yahoo Style Guide
  • Rule #4- usability- embed video only if useful, diction only if it advances the text