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  • uses technological means to cause emotional distress
  • depends on the context
  • anonymous attack generally, but not always
  • hard for administrators to regulate
  • Lord of the Flies analogy
  • Mr. Bungles- social experiment

Social Network

  • Mark Z- blogs about his ex-girlfriend
  • legal disposition and blog was accurate but a lot was fictional
  • cyberbullying?
    • non voluntary comparison on website
    • blogging about Erica
  • sexism, hierarchy motivations from RL expectations
  • filmmakers how they portray college parties
  • exclusivity
  • trying to be the cool thing
  • portrayal of Mark Z- emotionless, pretentious, arrogant, weird motivations, computer talking, relationship status, infrastructure that reinforces social structures in RL from Mark’s perspective,
  • Sean Parker’s perspective~ people are out to hold you back, convinced himself that his failures weren’t real, going to make it better with Facebook, big dreams,
  • What does it do to our perception of Facebook?
    • we get to be part of the movement
    • we are indirectly giving him our information for the experience