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Historical Timeline

  • 1440- Printing Press
  • 1837- Telegraph, Samuel Morris
  • 1880/90’s - Radio, Tessler and Marconia
  • 1920’s- Television in the rich home, explosion in 1950’s
    • no singular inventor, Philo Farnsworth (1925)
  • Computer/Internet Technology (word computer used to mean accountant)
    • Sputnik (1957)
    • Contemporary Computer (1946)- Binary Code System
    • Hard Drive Computer (1972)- IBM and HP patents
    • First email communication (1972)
    • Commodity Internet, T1- Underground lines, actual infrastructure that we use, to defend against Atomic bomb attacks, stationed in major cities to keep communication open after disaster

December Reading

  • Bottom line: Internet is a tool for communication
    • Does it spread capitalism?
    • Archive: acts like a museum?
    • Catch-all?
    • What is communication? Is it a tool or is it preventing us from communicating face to face?
    • Literary Pursuit~ Wanted to store all the books that had been published
    • CERN- Tim Berners Lee
      • European Council for Nuclear Research
  • Interface Hypertext Development
    • 1991 but languages being developed before technology was readily available. ex. Virtual Reality.
  • Social Expansion of the Web is an inappropriate title for technological capitalistic endeavors.
  • Cyberspace First Steps 1992, Red Alert 1995, Conceptualizing what cyberspace is.
  • My definition + others for cyberspace~ the interaction between humans and the virtual world made up of machines. Can be accessed from multiple locations and with multiple pathways. Bounces between reality and virtual world. Technological consciousness.
  • Common Themes in Summarizing video of cyberspace films
    • technology ethics
    • technology to create life
    • shape time +space
    • Dysfunction = RL +VL
    • groundbreaking
    • transcend biology
    • regulate new beings/technology
  • Words for our virtual identities
    • compartmentalize identities
    • positive spin of who we are
    • free speech
    • entertainment- means of amusement
    • a sense of total control/ or could lose sense of control based on what happens online
      • go outside your body
    • schism between what our virtual reality is and the movies... not the same relationship
  • My definition for cyberculture~ values and morals, practices, social constructs/infrastructure, discourse, passed down, creates meaning. Culture defines a group of people, rarely is homogeneous, the artifacts that humans create. Practices within a virtual world

Benedict Reading **Popper’s Worlds

      • World 1- Objective materiality, here physically
      • World 2- Subjective world
      • World 3- culture, artifacts that we socially construct
    • Virtual reality shifts our world 3, displaces it.
    • 4 Threads
      • Thread 1~ Fictions, archetypes, mythology, goal for what we’re doing, Grand Narrative.
      • Thread 2~ Changing technology, making obsolete of previous technology
      • Thread 3~ Architecture of the Heavenly City, bring this architecture about..
      • Thread 4~ Mathematics- language/logical norms and rules
    • Virilio
      • Instantaneity
      • arrived at end of capitalism
        • favor time and speed
      • creating a trauma
        • moving quickly in virtual
        • regular speed in reality
        • generational gap
    • Benedict’s Heavenly City
      • Peace and Harmony
      • Pleasure
      • Weightlessness
      • Radiance
      • numerological complexity
      • It is your space, but it isn’t completely. Are we ever going to be content?
      • Is utopia an option?

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