-Important topics: Cyber racism, cyberactivism, epistemology, white supremacy, whiteness, translocal whiteness, white racial frame, internet/cyberspace, globalization (digital diasporas), actual vs. potential harm, active vs. passive participants, heteronormativity.

-cyberactivism : the proliferation of social movement organizations that avail themselves of internet technologies to further their goals, which often include promoting a more inclusive, democratic society

-Cyber Racism – Les Back coined the term as “ a range of white supremacy movements in Europe and North America and to the new horizons the internet and digital media have opened for expressions of whiteness across national boundaries.

-Epistemology = the study of issues having to do with the creation and dissemination of knowledge in a particular area of inquiry

-Knowledge – “Justified True Belief” – Relies on evidence

-In cyberspace, evidence can be produced by virtually anyone

-Epistemology of White Supremacy

-It is the belief in racial hierarchy where “white” is the dominant racial identity.

-supports a notions of white and “whiteness” born out of a perceived biological, national, social, and/or ideological affiliations.

Whiteness = an unmarked racial identity or the belief in an unmarked racial identity

= a privileged racialized class in the united states built around historical, economic, and ideological motivations.

=operating from somewhere on a spectrum of consciousness that does not perceive one’s own socially-constructed racialized identity and/or privilege.

-Whiteness and White Supremacy are not equivalent

-Whiteness allows for certain epistemologies of white supremacy to go unchecked

-Whiteness studies is not a study of how “whites are bad” it’s the study of how power circulates through the practice or racialization.

-Internet = “electronic networks that connect people and information through computers and other digital devices allowing person to person communication and information retrieval.

-Globalization = both a material and cultural process that moves money, people, ideas, media, and goods “ across time, space, and national boundaries”

-Translocal Whiteness = a notion of whiteness with roots in a locality but that moves across borders.

Richard Machado – The boundaries of whiteness are quite flexible.. assimilation of white racial frame relies of heteronormative masculinity… David duke video.. openly white supremacy group.. 2,500-4,000 hate websites originated in the US

-heteronormative masculinity- normative expressions of male heterosexuality.

-control of women’s sexual identity

-liberal feminism … white masculinity operates as a ghost in the machine