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Movie review-

Full Citation - Mission: Impossible. Dir. Brian De Palma. Perf. Tom Cruise, John Voight. Paramount Pictures. 1996. Film.

Summary -

A young Tom Cruise takes on the impossible mission of finding out who the mole is who had his team killed. The begining of the movie starts out with Tom Cruise and his crew infiltrating a private party. They are trying to intercept the contact who has the information of a list of important names dealing with assassinations. To their disbelief, another team is working against them that night. As the movie unfolds, Tom Cruise boss is secretly working against him and attempts to frame him with murder. Tom Cruise and his crew are set up and nearly all killed. Tom Cruise relies on his technology and his survival skills to bypass his former secret organization. The movie uses hacking, advanced technology, and cyberspace to communicate and infiltrate high security systems. Throughout the movie, Tom Cruise runs into more twists and turns to figure out who set him up. Eventually he hires a new team to infiltrate and steal the list from a high base security system. In the end, Tom Cruise has completed the impossible. We are left with a cliffhanger of Tom recieving a new self destructing message. This movie is on the lines with James Bond where new technology meets the real world.

The Technology -

Mission Impossible was produced in 1996. Technology and cyberspace was fairly new and still evolving. The movie revolves around computer hacking and advanced technology. Some of the technology we see being used consists of camera lenses, self destructing messages, and high tech computers. This film demonstrates the means of cyberspace and it's importance as a medium. The communication they use in this film is through email, text, and messages moved across the internet world. Without this advanced technology the story would not be possible. Hence the title, this 1996 film portrays a movement towards a more cyberliterate culture. Moving to today, the ideas of the future technology in the 1990's has became reality. We now have some of the technology that was used in the film like the camera glasses, hacking capabilities, and voice/facial recognition.

Mission Impossible demonstrates transmedia storytelling through video games, Mission Impossible sequals, and the old television show. The story is based on the television series and spirals to new impossible missions. I feel Mission Impossible was a key film in demonstrating the usage of technology in mainstream films. After Mission Impossible was created, other films such as The Matrix, James Bond, etc were being presented. This film was a great story using a fairly new concept of cyberspace and technology to involve the audiences. The un realistic hacking and technology seen on the film gives the audience a sense of excitement as they become aware of unfamiliar concepts. It's itneresting to flip forward to the present and compare how far we have come in just 15-16 years.

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