A. 7 elements for analysis: layers of the computer game(Konzak)

a. Hardware

b. Program code

c. Functionality: capability of program

d. Game play: interaction of player and game associated with manipulation

e. Meaning: narrative

f. Referentiality: comparison to real world

g. Socio-culture

i. You can’t analyze all of these elements at one time, pick 2-4 elements to focus on

B. Aesthetic analysis

a. Game play

b. Game world—artistic representation

c. Game rules—how are they presented to the user

i. To seriously analyze we must play, watch someone play, research/compare with other data, and talk with developers—get a multi-person perspective

C. 4 types of gamers

a. Killers: aggressive, enjoy preying, harassing and spoiling

b. Socializes: Enjoy others’ company, interactivity

c. Explorers: enjoy finding new stuff

d. Achievers: play to win and finish as fast as possible

e. Cheaters: use codes and short cuts