Notes 1/25/12

Law and Online Content*U.S. Law as it relates to Online Content

    • Defamation
      • Slander (spoken) or Libel (written)
        • content must be proven false
        • must prove malicious intent of producer--grocery store mags.
          • Cyberbullies
          • Intent to ruin the victim socially, professionally, etc.
        • G damage rep
    • Intellectual Property
      • Copyright
        • can copyright original work that’s fixed in a tangible medium
          • Winkelvoss’ in Social Network used emails
      • Fair use--guidelines for use of copyrighted materials
        • Purpose of use
          • use for brand new purpose that doesn’t conflict with the original use
          • ex: our wiki page
        • Nature of the new and original work
          • ex: use of poem on flyer--prevents people from looking up the work in it’s original source
          • can use one line of a poem and include it in our new, original poem
          • Weird Al--parody falls under fair use
        • Amount used
          • How much of old work is used in the new work
          • Entire pictures probably violate
          • 1 chapter of a book is usually in violation
          • 4 lines of poetry or songs
        • Effect on market
          • Biggest one, what people care about
          • Impact on original artist’s market share by making their work available for free
          • Take away from creator’s ability to earn money
    • Relation to Catfish
      • YouTube video featured in the film
      • Aimee Gonzalez
      • 5 questions: Class discussion and response
        • Does Aimee Gonzales deserve compensation for what happened to her? If, so does she deserve? If not, why not?
        • What responsibility do Niv and the other filmmakers hold in this ‘deception.’
        • Did Niv have a real relationship with anyone in Michigan? If so, who?
        • What is your response to Angela’s behaviors? Can you understand her point of view and actions? Or do you find them pathological?
        • Is this a documentary or is this staged? Does this matter?

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