Star Wars Uncut: Director's Cut. Ed. Aaron Valdez. 18 Jan 2012. 21 Jan 2012.

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This is a feature-length film composed of crowdsourced fan fiction . The film recreates the entire film, Star Wars: A New Hope. While the video was edited by two individuals, the content-- broken into 15-second segments-- came from animators, actors, writers, directors, and artists from around the globe.

A notable aspect of this artifact is that George Lucas approved the creation and distribution of it. As Henry Jenkins notes, LucasArts has been credited for a progressive stance towards fan fiction (Jenkins, 153). More recently, LucasArts has been less embracing of all forms of fan fiction (Jenkins, 159-162). Perhaps the "permission" granted by LucasArts has something to do with the fact that each 15-second segement was produced by a different individual, and the entire work falls into the category of parody; this means that Star Wars Uncut falls into "fair use ."


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