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What is the source?Edit

Stumbleupon is a “discovery engine” the allows users to find web content based on preferences, “peer-sourcing, and social-networking principles.” Users can discover web pages, photos, and videos by creating an account or linking Stumbleupon to Facebook. Today Stumbleupon offers toolbar versions and apps for iOS, Android, and Amazon.

This site is similar to Pandora. In Pandora, the user is able to rate the music they are listening to on individual stations. Based on prior trends, these websites are able to predict what we want to see/ hear next.

Who is the intended audience for the source?Edit

Since Stumbleupon is linked with your personal preferences, this website can be customized for almost any user. Many people claim to spend hours on Stumbleupon, leading us to believe that this website is used by people with extra time to use on the Internet discovering new interests.

What does the source demonstrate about cyberculture? What are the major themes/ideas that this source typifies, demonstrates, or explains?Edit

This source shows that by using collaborative filtering the Internet is completely customizable and creates a unique experience for each user. By rating and tracking our data, Stumbleupon and other websites can deliver content that will please the user. This probably seem “creepy” to many people, but we have almost demanded this technology and use it daily in our lives.

Why did you choose to share this source with us?Edit

I shared this site with our Cybercultures class because this website is useful for not only wasting hours of time, but also for stumbling upon interesting resources that will probably be interesting to you. I have come across many websites and resources that are interesting and educational.

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