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The History of Hacking is a documentary done by Discovery Channel to chronical the history of hacking on the internet and how it has affected the growth and direction that the internet has taken. It can be watched on Google videos at

Intended AudienceEdit

This documentary came out a few years ago, and is targeted at people who are curious and willing to take the time to learn about the history of computer hacking and the different forms it comes in. It focuses on the stories of John Draper, Kevin Mitnick, and Steve Wozniak, all people who have been convicted of crimes related to hacking and security issues in cyberspace. These men were all interviewed, and explain their reason for why the did what they did, as well as how they did it. This documentary is very good at showing someone who may not have a high level of cyberliteracy what these hackers are capable of and what to look out for.

Themes of Cybercultures and CyberspaceEdit

This documentary demonstrates the incredibly vast variability that has arose in cyberspace in terms of the level of a users cyberliteracy . There are users who have trouble opening a website or creating an account, and then there are these hackers who are able to manipulate every facet of cyberspace in order to achieve their goal. It helps to make it clear to someone who might be new or poorly educated on the workings of cyberspace what these hackers are capable of doing to someone's computer without them even realizing. This documentary shows that any user on the internet needs to be wary of what someone with a cyberliteracy IQ that is exceedingly high is able to do in cyberspace, and how these people are taking advantage of the space shared by everyone for personal gain.

Why Was This ChosenEdit

I chose to share this source because it addresses a topic that we discussed in class, but did not spend a lot of time on. Despite the fact that it is a somewhat old film, and not very well known, it does an excellent job of explaining and showing what someone with a high level of cyberliteracy has the potential of doing, and it proposes the question of what hackers might be able to do, and take, in the future, as technology becomes more and more a part of our life. As we put more information about ourselves online, and many facets of our lives move to cyberspace, such as banking and a lot of other personal information, it is scary to think of who might have the ability to view those parts of our lives.

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