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What is the source?Edit

The Internet Story is a short video written and directed by Adam Butcher. It tells the story of an on-line scavenger hunt gone wrong. The video can be found on vimeo at this url:Internet Story.

Who is the Intended Audience of this Source?Edit

The audience of this short film could range from anyone who suscribes to Adam Butcher's vimeo account to anyone who stumbles upon it. The video is pretty short, so viewership isn't necessarily limited to people who are uninterested or bored by the content.

What does the source demonstrate about cyberculture?Edit

This video serves as a fictional example of transmedia story-telling. Ultimately, the video itself is only one media form. However, the story told on the screen portrays a narrative that is embodied in more than one type of media. For instance, the riddles in the story are part of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, while the main action takes place through a youtube account. The quest portrayed in the video also shares features with geo-caching. Additonally, the moral of the story incorporates the consequences of cyberliteracy--that is, the ability to understand other users coded intentions--as well as demonstrates the dangers of web interaction that crosses into RL.

Why did you choose to share this source with us?Edit

While Richard Jenkins provides the transmedia example of The Matrix, he admits that the transmedia series is unwelcoming to viewers who have low interest (Jenkins 131). As such, The Matrix might be only a relevant example to those who have high interest in the series and have experienced all of the different media elements of the story. The Internet Story presents transmedia story-telling in a short nine minute video, which gives a clear picture of what a transmedia story might involve.