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New York Public Library: The Internet as Utopia?

Intended AudienceEdit

This site is intended to reach anyone interested in utopic thought and/or the debate surrounding the utopic potentials that cyberspace does/doesn't have.

Themes of Cybercultures and CyberspaceEdit

This site compares historical utopic thought to cyberspace. It examines the typical qualities assigned to a utopia and demonstrates how cyberspace could meet these criteria. This site also poses quesitons for the reader. It directly asks, "Cyberspace as utopia: what do you think?" and contains a poll for gathering reader thoughts (although the links don't seem to be working any longer). This site introduces the debate many people have as a part of a cyberculture, and it explores multiple arguments for and against the claim that cyberspace is a utopia. This site demonstrates the interactivity and collective knowledge potentials of cyberspace.

Why Was This ChosenEdit

I chose this source to share because it addresses one of the first pertinent questions we discussed as a class: is cyberspace a utopia? At the beginning of the term we met this statement with skepticism and most of the class was critical of the statement. This site includes historical thought about what a utopia is, such as More's Utopia, and scholars' thoughts about the topic. In addition, both sides of the debate are presented so that it is easy to formulate an opion and support it with logical ideas. As a result, I think this site is a good resource that may be helpful on the final exam.