Marshall McLuhan

· Medium is anything message

· Orwellian, big brother Is watching


· Media

· We choose to be under big brother

· Amusing ourselves to death

· Willingly surrender


· Structure and development of internet and World Wide Web

· Xanadu- literary texts linked together

· CERN project

· Internet is a communication tool


· 3 World and 4 threads

· world 1- material world: mountains, rivers, non human creations

· world 2- consciousness, ideas, inside brains

· world 3- infrastructures- human created: schools, clothes, language HUMAN CREATED IDEAS AND ITEMS

· theorize what does it mean to have cyberspace- what does it do?

· Cyberspace doesn’t replace world 3, just displaces items from world 3

· 4 Threads

o heroic narrative overcoming

o mythology

o math

o can we create utopia


· Everything is moving so fast causing instantaneityà trauma

· Actions and relationships that move and form so quickly

· Thinking about how the speed is shifting time, space, and humanity


· Convergence culture- coming together of different forms of media

· Everything is interacting and bringing media across platforms

Collective knowledge

· Group of people pooling knowledge, greater than individual knowledge

· Lead us to radical democracy, more radical than what we know now

· Has to be able to accessed to answer a question at some point in time


· Knowledge and understanding of what is happening

· Consciousness

· Being able to read technology and find your way around it

o Interactivity

o Speed

o Reach

o Anonymity

· Being aware of the compression of time and space

McAllsiter Game Complex

· School shootings

· Cause violence?

· Truth is in the dialectic of the two

· Neither either or, but they are both right in their own sense

· Need to be studying computer games

o Have as much cultural force as literature and film

· When we’re gaming, we’re learning something

· All these games teach us something

· Push medium- sends a message if you want it or not

· Pull medium- draws you in

· Have to play them, watch others, and analyze

o Killer

o Achiever

o Explorer

o Cheater

· How does player change artifact?


· Interactive of RL and virtual world

Rape on Cyberspace

· Mr. Bungle- gross things to write as soc. experiment

· No idea it causes such trauma

· physical, but also mental

· Mutliple User Domain MUD

· Multiple Object MOO


· translocal whiteness

· Jessie Daniels

· cloaked websites

· not an issue of recruitment, knowledge has become reingraned

· no gatekeepers for that knowledge


· vandalism and defacement

· deep knowledge of technology and how it works


· calling out traditions of gender hierarchy

· feminism isn’t focus on women- gendered ideals and norms are recreated and displaced into cyberspace

· we’re already cyborgs

· deal with reality, embrace and acknowledge

· continue to be oppressed by regimes

· use to protect our humanity

· ironic and blasphemous does not mean innocent


· misinformation can be presented as valid

Cyberspace and reality are interconnected

RL appears as fragments of artifacts in VL

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